I'm a Software Engineer specializing in web application development and system operations. I like to make pizza at home. I enjoy tinkering with electronics. I'm a dad and husband. I'm a classically-trained composer and amateur musician.


I love to make pizza, and I've put what I've learned about it online for anyone to read. I also keep a list of the pizzas that I've made on this website, along with pictures.


I'm a Director of Software Engineering at Granicus. Here are a few open source projects that I've started:

  • Garagio - A web application (with custom hardware) to open my garage door
  • Infoblox - a Ruby gem to interact with the Infoblox DNS appliance REST API
  • oci8_simple - A simple ruby library to interact with an Oracle database from the command line.
  • Jash - JavaScript Shell - A long-dead (but once popular) project to run a JavaScript / CSS shell in your browser. It worked great in IE5 and 6 and was perfect for those unfortunate souls who needed to debug issues or play with a REPL on those browsers.
  • Lots more on GitHub...


I'm a composer and musician, and some recordings and scores of my music (as well as some groups I performed with) are available on this site.