Below are some recordings of pieces of music that I have written for classical musicians or computers and rodents.

Theme From a Lonely Planet (for Symphony Orchestra) - 2001

A 10-minute work for Symphony Orchestra, featuring prominent passages for solo violin.

Theme From a Lonely Planet

Pacific Dream Sequence (2001)

A quintet for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and double bass

Octopi Yourself

Impossible Paradise

Sinking Stone

Rondo for Rodent and Computer (2003)

This is a video of the performance of a piece of electronic music that superimposed through-written music with live, dynamic music generated from a video feed of a rodent.

Streetscapes for Solo Piano (2003)

A set of 5 miniatures for piano, performed by Chryssie Nanou

Scenic Parkway

Market Square

Wet Night Alley

Blizzard Impasse

Interstate Still-Life

String Quartet (2000)

Mov. I

Mov. II

Mov. III

Cosmic Arc

Cosmic Arc was a jazz-fusion / funk / blues band active in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA from 1997 to 2001. The band had a small local following and played countless shows. The members consisted of John Shaffer (guitar), Billy Reisinger (guitar), Jon Stonbely (bass guitar), Jason Isaac (drums), Sean Lynch (drums), Chuk Barber (percussion), and Becca Fuchs (vocals) - but not necessarily all at once.

Uphill Driver

Uphill Driver was an Alt-Country / Alternative band featuring Casey Cichowicz, Tam Rankin, and Billy Reisinger.