The Amateur Guide to Making Pizza

Welcome to the amateur guide to making your own pizza on the internet. This guide has been delivering questionable pizza advice since 2005.

I'm an average guy who started making pizza in a restaurant chain when I was 16 years old. I later worked as a cook several different restaurants, mostly in gourmet Mexican food establishments in San Antonio, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. In New Orleans, while I attended college, I worked as a cook and and manager at a gourmet pizza restaurant. After graduating and moving on, I started making pizza at home, using techniques that I had learned at the many kitchens and from the many amazing people that I had met along the way.

Since I put this site on the Internet in 2005, I have received many emails from people all over the world. Some have asked me practical questions about making pizza at home. Other people wanted simply to thank me for the recipe and (questionable) advice. Various people have sent me pictures of the pizzas that they made after reading my site (which is always an ego boost). Still others took time to correct or criticize information that I've presented on the site. I appreciate every single email I've gotten, and I've learned many things about making pizza because of them. If you want to send me a note, my email address is

You might be most interested in how to make pizza or perhaps how to make pizza dough. Despite your best interests, you could try reading about some common mistakes people tend to make when cooking pizza at home, or you could check out my photo gallery, where I keep pictures of pizzas that I've made.